"Our GOAL is to put a smile on your face and make you Laugh Out Loud" - Darla

Murph e-Bikes, our small family-owned business based in Kona, Hawaii, was born with a couple simple thoughts in mind.  Since we too, as a family, have traveled the world extensively, we repeatedly found ourselves looking for opportunities to explore different cultures and experiences beyond the norm.  We desired greatly an adventure experience that would be both fun yet at the same time be a bit physical in nature; we needed to figure out something that all could participate in no matter one's state of physical condition.  In addition, we have witnessed firsthand the disturbing lack of cleanliness in the locations that we would visit and were determined to reduce our carbon footprint here in Kona as much as possible while still trying to enjoy the wonders of God's creation before us.  Our youngest son, Emmanuel, has been speaking of electric bikes and their possibilities for a couple of years now and as we considered all of the above-mentioned thoughts it became obvious as to the way we should proceed.  Pedal assist electric bicycles; they would reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and at the same time provide the means for physical exertion, no matter what one's state of physical limitations or fitness level...everyone can ride a bike, right?!     


So with that in mind, we offer you the opportunity to take a relaxed, or bit more strenuous tour if you prefer, on one of our pedal assist electric bikes.  Upon completion of a brief safety meeting, your tour will begin as we stroll through Kona's historical Ali'i Drive starting in the city center.  We will proceed south to the "end of the world" and experience off-road biking on centuries-old lava rock with ample time for pictures and exploration.  We will then return north to Kahalu'u State Park or beautiful Magic Sands Beach and upon arrival will enter breathtaking waters, crystal clear blue, and discover what awaits just feet below the surface as we snorkel with one of our full face snorkel masks.  Or you may prefer to simply enjoy laying near the water's edge, on one of our bamboo mats, and just relax in an atmosphere simply not of this world.  After our time at the beach, we will return to the city, though we will provide ample opportunity to take as many pictures as your heart's desire.  Time permitting we may make some additional 'surprise' stops along the way. 


Remember...we want you to have a smile on your face and make you laugh out loud!  

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All instructions, liability waivers, and safety rules will be given in English.


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